New-Year_Resolutions_list2Fun end of the year fact – 92% of New Year’s Resolutions will be broken, before you make resolutions for 2014, review your list from 2013.  Recycling is encouraged, and some resolutions should always be on your list like eating better and exercising more.

One way to promote success is to tie a resolution to a specific and obtainable goal.

Eat better…Plan to make one, two or three heart healthy meals per week.  There is no shortage of great recipes to try.  It’s easy is to use healthy substitutions for your favorite dishes.

Exercise more…Plan to run or walk a 5K event.  Starting in January, even indoor walking at the mall or on a treadmill will be a great way to start.  A good event to enter is the Stafford Hospital 5K in April.  The weather is pleasant, and the course lends itself to first time participants.  Join a group, or encourage friends and family to enter as well.

Decrease stress…Unplug! Turn off electronics and revel in the quiet.  Read, meditate, or go for a walk with your dog.  Even ten to fifteen minutes will provide a welcome break and energize your day.

Visit your doctor…Blood pressure and weight measurements is a good way to track your progress.

Happy New Year and best wishes for a successful and healthy 2014.

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