When You Need Surgery

Collage-Surgery2More than 15 million Americans undergo surgery each year.  While this makes surgery a common occurrence, when it involves you or a family member, it can be an anxious time.  A  good way to allay your concerns and feel better about the decision for surgery, is to ask specific questions of your doctor.  Good questions will help you understand your surgery and good doctors will welcome your questions. 

This list of 12 questions is a good starting point for that conversation:

1.   What operation are you recommending?

2.   Why do I need the operation?

3.   Are there alternatives to surgery?

4.   What are the benefits of having this operation?

5.   What are the risks of having this operation?

6.   What will happen if I don’t have this operation?

7.   Where can I get a second opinion?

8.   What has been your experience in doing the operation?  How many times have you performed the operation?

9.   Where will the operation be done?

10. What kind of anesthesia will I need?

11. How long will it take me to recover?

12. How much will the operation cost?

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