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Sleep Problems

                In a given year, over half the population will have difficulty falling asleep, and as many as one third of Americans have regular insomnia. Numerous medical studies have documented the health problems associated with lack of sleep. Too little sleep can be a risk factor for stroke,Continue Reading

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month

Endometriosis is a condition which occurs when the tissue that normally lines the uterus (the endometrium) is present in other areas of the abdomen and pelvis.  No one knows the cause of this condition, but it can affect up to 50% of pre-menopausal women.  It can present with a wide variety of symptoms, but theContinue Reading


Laughter as medicine is not a new concept, but in this age of rising health care costs, it deserves a closer look.  The benefits of laughter are well documented, as outlined in this article from the Mayo Clinic. Laughter has been shown to be therapeutic in many diseases:  heart disease; diabetes; stroke; depression and cancer.  ItContinue Reading

Northern Virginia magazine featuring Top Doctors!

The February 2014 issue of “Northern Virginia” magazine featuring “Top Doctors” is on newsstands now, and the staff at Dr. Hamilton’s office is excited to announce that Dr. Hamilton has been named one of the top doctors for the third consecutive year. Office Manager, Gail DeBlanc said, “We’ve known this for many years and nowContinue Reading


Cold weather and rich food really add up.  After “Restaurant Week” it’s time to refocus on that #1 New Year Resolution – lose weight. If you’re ready to take the next step and invest in a commercial diet plan, consider Weight Watchers.  Again this year, Weight Watchers has been ranked as the most effective weightContinue Reading

When You Need Surgery

More than 15 million Americans undergo surgery each year.  While this makes surgery a common occurrence, when it involves you or a family member, it can be an anxious time.  A  good way to allay your concerns and feel better about the decision for surgery, is to ask specific questions of your doctor.  Good questionsContinue Reading