2014 Dr. Hamilton Health Blog – Vitamins and Supplements

vitamins2Check IN/OUT lists for 2014 and you’ll find something interesting OUT (way out) — vitamins and supplements.  IN (way in) — a healthy diet. While this may sound like common sense, Americans spend millions of dollars on unnecessary, and sometimes harmful, supplements.

This “news” has been building for some time, and we’ve always known that eating properly is best (thanks, Mom), but a recent series of articles and a landmark editorial in the December 2013 “Annals of Internal Medicine” clarified the facts. This has spawned a series of comments within the medical literature, all reaffirming the basics of a healthy diet.

This bottom line should be good for personal finances as well.  Food is essentially less expensive than mega-dose vitamin supplements, and planning meals and shopping wisely will save money.

The exceptions to the above:  Prenatal vitamins, as these do have significant benefits for both moms and babie Preconception folic acid has been shown to decrease certain birth defects

If you have certain underlying medical conditions or issues of malabsorption, some vitamin supplements may be essential.  As always, talk with your physician.  It is understood that this is a confusing topic, and some specific recommendations and guidelines will be modified as time goes on, but eat sensibly and skip the vitamin supplements.

If you’d like more information on this topic click here to read full article.

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